The Art of Being Chill

Poblacion, Makati | Dumaguete, Negros Oriental | Caticlan, Malay

The Art of Being Chill Wherever You Go

UNWND is both a journey and a destination. 

It is a lifestyle. 
A state of mind. 

An experience that will take you to places
where not many have gone. 

UNWND offers extraordinary travel experiences
that forge authentic connectedness to any destination. Through the five senses, UNWND brings to the fore the real flavors, sounds, sights, colors, and textures of a place in a way that truly resonates with the modern-day wanderer. 


The design narrative of every UNWND property
is informed by the destination’s culture, people, and natural landscapes. Spaces are decked in art, curated
to reflect a thriving local creative community.
They are interspersed with the personal collection
of the property owner, himself a citizen of the world,
which lends the feeling of being welcomed into someone’s home. Upscale interiors and amenities
are thoughtful details that make UNWND so much
more than just your regular crash pad while traveling. 


Beyond the usual touristy haunts,
UNWND takes guests to the heart of every location.
Here, travelers meet the true essence and
 soul of a destination. Adventure and discovery are key considerations that inform activities offered at every UNWND property. Instead of the usual guides,
the property partners with local experience champions and lifestyle curators to expertly put together
travel experiences that suit one’s wanderlust.


Connection and conversation are at the heart
of every UNWND experience. A convivial vibe permeates throughout the property, where staff and guests openly engage in a lively exchange of ideas, discoveries,
and recommendations. Friendly yet professional,
the team at UNWND take hospitality service a notch up
by anticipating guests’ needs. 


UNWND in the hip borough of Poblacion in Makati

The lux hostel is a hop and a skip away from
one-off dining concepts, watering holes, retail shops,
and other local haunts. The roof deck at UNWND,
named as one of the best rooftop bars in Manila,
is a popular spot for sunset drinks.
Its jacuzzi and vibrant cityscape view make it worthy
of the ‘gram. Here, a truly local experience
of Poblacion comes to life by nightfall.

UNWND in a coastal city on Negros Island

Conveniently located just five minutes from the
city’s airport. Our boutique hotel, the colorful property offers an exciting range of accommodations.
There are luxury casitas for wanderers seeking
the finer things from nomadic travel.
Balay Balay is an accommodation
that recreates the idea of playing house.
In true UNWND form, the property also offers its signature shared rooms and the main house stays.
Soon, UNWND in Dumaguete will also introduce
its very own dive and island hopping packages.

UNWND and go on an exciting adventure in Caticlan

This beachfront property was built with the creation
of new island adventures in mind. Accommodations vary from luxury casitas to private suites to shared rooms.
A rooftop deck and pool are just a few of the amenities that gather like-minded travelers with a thirst
for discovering the world. Local artists from the island frequent UNWND in Caticlan, to give guests a taste of
the island’s distinct creative expressions. Soon,
the property will also launch its kite surfing programs,
which were developed in partnership
with the island’s best instructors.


WYP: Every UNWND outlet features a tropical-inspired
tiki bar, best known among regular guests as WYP,
which stands for What’s Your Poison. 

Mamser: an amalgam of the words “Ma’am” and “Sir,”
is a chill and entertaining food concept that pays homage to the concept of uniquely Filipino hospitality:
warm, lighthearted, and has a ubiquitous sense of humor. Mamser highlights distinctively Filipino service
with a smile and flavors with flair.