LIHIM is a unique tropical getaway that reconnects the senses to the LUXURY IN SIMPLICITY. Unapologetically secluded and decidedly intimate, LIHIM is the discreet destination of choice for the discerning traveler. Conversely, the luxury resort makes zero compromises in creating unforgettable luxury experiences.

Dining Spots at Lihim Resorts


The resort’s center for culinary experiences showcases farm-to-table specials and Filipino flavors with a flair.
This dining area features a brick oven where fresh ingredients meet time-honored cooking techniques.

Restaurant | Pool Lounge | Rooftop Bar

O P E N I N G  S O O N
A tri-level structure that offers a panoramic view of Bacuit Bay and flourishing forests. The property is named
after Araw’s Chief Enlightener, Jean Henri.  
The menu boasts of premium cuts of meat and an intimate menu of seafood dishes. Henri’s showcases a unique story through eclectic interiors, curated art collection, offbeat wares, top-shelf whiskies, premium wines, and the unexpected hint of humor.

Lounges in El Nido

Cadlao Lagoon

Perched on the limestone cathedrals is this quaint
and rustic island nook, built with reverence for the lagoon’s natural landscape. It is an ideal place for swimming in crystal clear waters, snorkeling, and kayaking. The private tour’s menu include grilled catch of the day. It is an island experience not to be missed
while in El Nido.  

Pinagbuyutan Island

This lounge holds many pleasant surprises like the unparalleled views of El Nido’s Golden Hour. The structure floats just on rock formations where the ocean meets the earth. There are hammocks, woven mats, sun beds, and board games that welcome groups into what might appear to be a living room in a secluded paradise. A signature playlist of beach lounge tunes accompanies the special moments that unfold as the day turns into night.

Sabang Beach

O P E N I N G  S O O N
A secluded beachfront where sprawling immaculate shores are one’s playground. This stunning stretch of white sand features a private lounge and bar. It is a secret destination ideal for hosting a private party of sun worshippers, beachcombers, and adventure seekers. Activities to engage in include water sports, trekking, and forest exploration. Guests also have the option to curate their own feast of seafood specials and  tropical nectars. All one has to think about is putting together a guest list. 

Balinaud Beach

An off-grid, undisturbed island revelation. When viewed from the ocean, this secret location resembles the head of a gorilla. A tranquil oasis located right along the shore, KINGKONG LOUNGE is complete with sun beds, bean bags, and day loungers. Lush greens canopy the rustic, open-air space making it the ideal destination for letting worries of modern living wash away on shore. At KINGKONG LOUNGE, the only order of business is to go off-grid and connect with nature. 

El Nido Sunset Cruise

Sail in style on MB My Pleasure, Lihim’s sunset cruise that is reminiscent of a jeepney, the king of the road in the Philippines, known for its bold character.
Take your leisure time traversing the turquoise waters
of El Nido, take pleasure in the friendly service of your island concierge, and sip your favorite cocktails
or preferred bubbly while onboard.

Eco-Events Place

O P E N I N G  S O O N
The name speaks for itself, every moment at Fiesta Shack is festive, fun, and awesome. Keep your energies up and cruise the water using a paddle board or kayak or opt to explore the rest of Manlalic River on an ATV vehicle. This spot is also a center for unique entertainment including distinctively Filipino musicians and soon, big acts.

Beach Huts El Nido offers no-frills accommodation.
It offers direct access to Maremegmeg Beach
and everything basic that guests would need when on vacation: comfortable beds to sleep on, a hot shower, a Smart Television, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and outdoor seating with the best view.