Boutique Hotel

Just five minutes from the city’s airport. Our boutique hotel, the colorful property offers an exciting range of accommodations to suit every type of traveler. There are luxury huts for the wanderer seeking the finer things from nomadic travel. Balay Balay is an accommodation at UNWND Dumaguete that recreates the idea of playing house. In true UNWND form, the property also offers its signature bunk beds and the main house stays. All of these living spaces are, of course, dressed in local art by visual artist Daniel Vincent Fabros. Other signature features of the property include a swimming pool, WYP dining, and bar. UWND in Dumaguete will also introduce its very own dive and island hopping packages. 



Located just a few minutes from the famous boulevard, UNWND Flats has four units each offering three bedrooms. Equipped with a functional kitchen, spacious living and dining areas, 24-hour security, and access to the pool, this property is a staycation dream come to life. Its combination of form and function truly makes it easy for group travelers to choose it as a preferred accommodation when in Dumaguete.